Zoe Wetherall / Aerial Albuquerque / Nov 07 – 24 2012

These images represent the combination of my love of aerial photography and a personal fascination with the American landscape. The amazing diversity and vastness of the United States, is unlike anything that exists in Australia.

The pronounced contrast of the natural environment against the starkness of man-made world is of particular interest to me. Having a bird’s eye view enables me to document this contrast and use the landscape as a means of abstraction. Aerial Albuquerque highlights the banality and order of the suburban environment, while showing the subtle beauty of the natural world fromthe air.


Zoe Wetherall graduated from Photography Studies College in Melbourne in 2006 and received the prestigious award for High Achievement in the Commercial Major. After assisting photographers in Melbourne for a couple of years, Zoe headed overseas to spend time working with commercial photographers in New York. On her return to Australia she based herself in Sydney and again worked with top local and international shooters. Now based in Melbourne, Zoe has built up her own commercial client base, and continues to work on personal projects to add to her portfolio.

Download the room sheet here.