Tim Gresham / Reflect / June 04 – 28 2014



In a rhythmical installation, Tim Gresham’s tapestries and photographs reflect similar forms of repetition and subtle disruption of pattern. Often falling in and out of focus the photographs are about rhythm, textures and tones rather than what’s pictured. The tapestries provide accents of colour, subtly interrupting the flow of the monochrome photographs.

My main area of practice is tapestry weaving, but in the last ten years I have introduced my love of photography into this realm. Creating and exhibiting bodies of work which combine these two mediums, I enjoy the contrast between the processes. Tapestry emerges from an ancient, hand woven process, whereas photography is a mechanical and electronic technology, instantly capturing images. I use similarities in rhythm and repetition to highlight differences in the works textures and forms with a formal, abstract aesthetic. – Tim Gresham

Born in Brisbane in 1965, Tim Gresham now lives and works in Melbourne. He received a Diploma of Creative Arts at the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, now the University of Southern Queensland from 1984-1986 and worked as a tapestry weaver at The Australian Tapestry Workshop from 1987-1992. Since then he has exhibited extensively including solo exhibitions at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in 1993, Craft Victoria in 2004 and Craft ACT in 2011. In 2003 he was a finalist in the Cicely and Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award at the National Gallery of Victoria and is represented in several public collections in Australia.

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Press / Media:
Sarah Smuts-Kennedy leaves question of space hanging, Robert Nelson, The Age, 09 June 2014