Ward Roberts / Territory / July 25 – August 11 2012


Territory examines the topographies of our urban existence. Through the observations of six contemporary photographers – Paul Batt, Nick Doolan, Sean Fennessy, Lee Grant, Paul Hermes and Ward Roberts – the exhibition delves into the interconnected psyche of urban living.

As the title suggests, the exhibition also presents us with a very personal and focused enquiry of our modern environment. Whether it is the abandoned couches of Paul Batt, the ubiquitous Asian restaurant interiors of Lee Grant or the minimalist aesthetic of Ward Robert’s Courts, each photographer forces us to pay attention to scenes and details that habitually go unnoticed.

Like many of the American and European greats that came before them – Sternfeld, Shore, Struth and Gursky – each photographer has eschewed the extraordinary in preference of the seemingly ordinary and, by doing so, has found a certain beauty in the everyday.

Territory ultimately asks us to renegotiate how we view our daily environments – ideally with a sense of newfound curiosity and unfamiliarity.

Download the catalogue or room sheet here.