Shara Henderson / London Edit / July 30 – August 23 2014


Shara Henderson is known for her curious and often formalistic portrait photographs. London Edit – is an excerpt of photographs reflecting Shara’s ritualistic and meditative explorations of the city’s labyrinth of muted scenes and encounters. The methodical and extended preparation that necessitates the use of the 4×5 field camera, often causes the photographer to seemingly induce the sitter into a state of contemplation and introspection, as evident in Shara’s portraits.

In the case of her landscapes, we witness the often overlooked stillness that persists in the great city, and are invited to re-imagine the interplay of nature and the man made space.

Shara has resettled in Melbourne after living in London for 9 years. She holds a BA Photography from RMIT, where she graduated in 2003. Whilst overseas Shara worked extensively on many portraiture and landscape projects, and executed commercial and editorial work for some of the leading publications in the UK and Europe. In 2005 Shara won the coveted Schweppes National Portrait Prize, where her image ‘Girl with Baby Poland, 2005′ was exhibited as part of the National Portrait Gallery’s London group exhibition and subsequent tour of the UK.

Download the roomsheet here.