Sarah Blythe / Deconstructing Flora / November 07 – 24 2012

To the naked eye, nature can be seen as accidental and disorganised. Deconstructing Flora is a series of photographs concerning the exploration of chaos in the natural world. The work presents flora that has been disassembled and re-ordered, portraying that nature is not as jumbled as it seems.

Sarah is a Canberra based conceptual photographer who has recently graduated with honours at the Australian National University, majoring in Photography and Media Arts. Her work explores the natural world, as she uses photography to illustrate detail in flora and the underlying order in all things natural. Sarah was awarded two emerging artist industry awards; the Emerging Artist Support Scheme Alliance Française Exhibition Award 2011, and the Emerging Artist Support Scheme ACT Legislative Assembly Award 2011.

Sarah is a member of ‘Random 9’ which is a group of independent Australian emerging visual artists based in Canberra. Her recent exhibitions include In Essence, a joint exhibition at Alliance Française Canberra, and N/EINGANG, a group exhibition focusing on an entry into other worlds

Download the room sheet here.