Robert Ashton / Postmortem / September 26 – October 13 2012


The angel of death is a ubiquitous pest.
A phantom that buzzes in the shadows.
Then falls silent.
Ready for the kill.

Postmortem is about fear and revulsion.
And blood and compassion.
About the notion of evil.
About transformation.
About death and beauty.


Robert Ashton has been photographing and exhibiting his work since the early 1970s. His photographs are held in the Australian National Gallery, as well as the Victorian, New South Wales and Tasmanian Galleries, and various private collections in Australia, U S A, and Europe. He works in black and white and very recently in colour, using the camera to record the cultural marks we make in our environment. He is the co author with Gregory Day of Trace, a book of poems and photographs made on the west coast of Victoria, Australia where he currently lives and works.

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