Rhiannon Tully / Echo Chambers / July 24 – August 17

Stairs South fremantle power station_600


Echo Chambers examines urban spaces left in-waiting. The places depicted are not the face of the city; they are the back streets, suburbs and outskirts. These environments seem somehow left behind, ambition has been abandoned and the space is left to exist in a form of stasis.

Echo Chambers refers to the way in which these places evoke a sense of history, because of their untouched nature they co-exist in the past and the present simultaneously, existing as a portal of sorts.


Rhiannon Tully is a Perth based photographer. The focus of her work is contemporary landscape and portraiture defined by a natural aesthetic. A recurring theme in her work is the notion of place, our attachment to it, and how this shapes our sense of identity.

Rhiannon is currently working on a new series entitled Australiana Land, and is continuing to collaborate with photographer Takashi Fukui on The Photographic Exchange Project, a pictorial cultural exchange between Australia and Japan.

Rhiannon has a Bachelor of Communications Media / Photo media, a Graduate Diploma in Education and is soon to resume a Masters of Creative Media. Recent exhibitions include Empire State at PSAS Fremantle.

Download the room sheet here.

Press / Media:
Robert Nelson, Racks and ruin: framing decay, The Age, 31 July 2013