Paul Blackmore / ONE / October 01 – 25 2014

Paul Blackmore

Blackmore’s new body of work titled One searches for an essential beauty and commonality of grace by stripping back distractions and limiting elements to one subject, one light source and one background.

One re-imagines and abstracts the form of the body through the lens, playing with scale and shape. The work invites the viewer’s eye on a journey along the smooth arcs of arms and legs, through the weight of curves and to finally rest on pools of stark white light.

This collection of paired back nudes, which was shot in studio, shares the same authentic purpose and regard for emotional truth as Blackmore’s more widely known reportage work.

Blackmore’s photo essays and stories have been published in Time, L’Express, Le Monde and Geo. In 2010 images from the series At Water’s Edge were exhibited at the esteemed Biennale D’Limage France and in 2012, at the Leonardo Museum Salt Lake City. Exhibitions at Camera One New York, Stills Gallery Sydney, Perpignan France and the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne reinforces his reputation as a collectable photojournalist.

Blackmore is one of a new generation. A reporter of reality whose elegant, coherent and enduring observations function as both valuable records of social change and stunning fine-art images.
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