Pam Davison / To Whom It May Concern / June 26-July 20 2013

To Whom It May Concern_600

This body of work is both a memory piece and a meditation.

I began my working life as a secretary/personal assistant/stenographer in a law office, at a time well before there was a PC on every desk.

It is the memory of this way of life that animates this body of work. I have sought to capture and celebrate that elegance, accuracy and precision of the legal secretary’s work.

The meditation comes from the confronting recognition that this way of life is gone or going. The accessibility of PC’s and lap tops means that the skills of the secretary have diminished and the role and the status changed forever.

The images are shadowed and denatured, recalling the sepia of old photographs but also suggesting the passing of the light and of a way of life.

The exhibition is dedicated to my former life, my former employers and my former colleagues who have, like me, lost their place, their skills and their purpose.  We are the ghosts of a changing office and we haunt the shadows of these photographs.

To whom it may concern – to anyone who cares to listen and to pay attention.
Pam Davison – 2013


Pam Davison is a storyteller who speaks through text and photography of the power of memory.

She has written most of her life in various forms such as short story, poetry, play writing and journal writing but it was in 2006 when she decided to blend photography with her stories. Through this exploration Pam became aware that her stories, though universal, were in fact auto-biographical. So became her fascination with memory. How we remember. What we remember. When we remember and the reliability of those memories. Many of her explorations involve toys and miniatures and the use of scale and perspective.

Pam has had some success with her writing of short stories, playwriting and poetry but since 2007 has concentrated predominately on her photographic works. She has been exhibiting since 2009.

She continues to explore her memory and capture universal stories of love, loss, age and family. Pam lives in Williamstown with her family.

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