Will Nolan / Where to Now / October 01 – 25 2014


My art practice addresses the conceptual space between images, bringing the relationship between subject and object into an internal dialect through the medium of photography. Through the exploration of the photographs authenticity, ownership of the photograph and how the photograph is represented today, I am considering the digital consumption of photography and the consequence it may have in a culture context.

We cannot move away from the expansion of photography but we can understand its fragility and uniqueness. My art practice attempts to reveal photography through a number of different methods and techniques, always referring back to the camera and the photograph. Attempting to preserve the act of ‘photographing’ and the preciousness that the photograph retains.

Since graduating from University of South Australia with Honours in 2008, Will Nolan has been actively involved in the Arts community. Currently he is lecturing photography at the Adelaide College of the Arts and in the last five years he has been involved in many exhibitions in Victoria and interstate. This year a number of Nolan’s artworks will be touring for Country SA, visiting up to 13 regional galleries over a two-year period in an exhibition titled Full Spectrum.

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