Natural Network (ongoing) / Kate Robertson

Kate Robertson, Natural network #1_2 2013

Kate Robertson’s Natural Networks is an ongoing project (5 – 7 years) that maps how the rituals and activities of communities provide a way for reflection on the question, ‘how do self-organising communities’ function?’

The first two images in this series (Natural Networks #1 and Natural Networks #2) emerge from Robertson’s involvement as participant and observer during the Local Energy Trading System (LETS) Conference. LETS is a community based exchange system, where skills and services are exchanged without involvement of a dominant money system. The movement and string are a reflection of the activity experience at LETS, where community members gathered and impulsively passed balls of string between themselves. The resulting tangled ‘web’ thus became a metaphor – or map – for community members to visually grasp how self-organising communities’ function.


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