Michael Gordon-Hill / Private Botanical Garden / November 27 – December 21 2013


Early last year I had a strong desire to create a beautiful photographic print. As a commercial photographer I spend most of my day pushing pixels around on a screen. I needed to create something beautiful, tactile and physical. I set out collecting my plant specimens; a subject rich with detail and texture to be explored. I found myself taking on the role of an obsessive plant collector. Intensively searching for the most varied of species for my collection, all the time feeling slightly uneasy and unsure if my collecting activities were entirely legal. The exhibition flows from the soft and tranquil to the sharp, prickly and disorderly. It shows the vast diversity of the botanical world but it also intends to convey the diversity of our emotions, which can shift from calm to chaos very quickly.

Michael Gordon Hill – 2013


On a hot summer day towards the end of 2001 Michael walked away from his job as recently qualified Fitter and Turner to start a Bachelor of photography at Queensland College of Art. Since taking this leap into the unknown he has been on photographic adventure spanning 10-plus years.

Download the roomsheet here.