Meredith Squires / Homely Unhomely / August 21 – September 07 2013


Homely Unhomely explores the journeys we take inside our heads. The works in this series are part of my ongoing investigations into ideas of ‘place’, ‘home’, ‘here’ and ‘there’. They speak of distance, of imagining places that I have never visited, and of places that I have experienced but now only hazily remember.

The glass and silver sculptures photographed in Homely Unhomely are made from opshop finds, relics from deceased relatives and unappreciated gifts. Most of the time the objects gather dust in cupboards: too precious, too unfashionable, or too impractical to use. Here, they transcend their intended functions to become views of imperfect memories or imagined places. They are inverted ‘souvenirs’ from travels never taken.


Meredith Squires’ practice encompasses photography, digital collage, sculpture, video and stop motion animation.  She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Melbourne, a Diploma of Arts (Visual Arts) and a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from RMIT University. She has exhibited since 2010 and held her first solo exhibition in 2011. She is currently a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts by Research at Monash University.

Download the room sheet here.