Lucille Nolan / Interchangeable / June 06 – 23 2012

The International Style of architecture spoke of a cold architectural language, one that rejected ornamentation and subjugated artisanal values to function. It is seen today as a failed child, both from a postmodern perspective, and from the criteria of modernism’s own utopian ideal.

My work aims to contribute to the discourse surrounding the modernist aesthetic.  By creating a new, subjective, architectural landscape the resulting images embody the ‘it could be anywhere’ faceless aesthetic of modernism whilst considering the sublimely anonymous interchangeability of our built landscape.

I degrade photographic images with the tools of mechanical reproduction; by repeated copying and resizing. I then re-compose the image through collage, fabricating false reflections, fracturing planes and surfaces, resulting in an intensification of the sublime and a tension between what is expected and what
is seen.

Lucille Nolan studied Fine Art at RMIT University in Melbourne and has exhibited in Japan, the UK and Melbourne.  Her most recent solo show was at Carbon Black gallery in 2011 and she was the recipient of the Carbon Black SnapShot 2010 photography prize.  She was part of a show of emerging photographers at the Vyner Street Gallery, London, exhibited in the Same Same But Different exhibition at i-Candy Arts, Hastings and the Bumbershoot Studios Group Show in London both in 2008. Her work was also included in an exhibition of contemporary Australian artists at Design Festa in Tokyo 2006 and at Arts Aporia in Osaka in 2005. She was also awarded the Nu Arte: Episode VI Photography award in 2006.

Download the room sheet here.