Breckon / Set This House in Order / November 26 – December 20 2014


Breckon presents an intimate exploration into the preservation of memory and the ordering of the familial space as monument to the people who lived there. Set This house in Order lifts a number of objects from Breckon’s suburban childhood home, presenting them as meticulous photographic ‘skins’ of the objects themselves. A Sanyo radio from the 1970s, a well-worn tape and briefcase sit within this ongoing series, their wear and tear set out in minute detail, as though preserved in a museum of a forensic notebook.

In the process of creating an investigative archive of these objects, she pays significant attention to each surface and minute marking. “I captured sometimes over a hundred shots of each object, essentially peeling the object’s skin from it’s frame, then systematically grafting each frame back together in a … reconstruction of the object”, says Breckon

Her quasi-scientific approach to these sentimental articles — picking up every residual fingerprint, stain, tear and scratch — results in an intimate record keeping of the ways in which people touch and mark the objects that surround them, imprinting memories onto them. This ostensibly describes the overall series’ deeper objective; to provide a record of a families existence.

Katie Breckon completed a Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in Drawing in New Zealand followed by a Post Graduate Diploma from Victorian College of the Arts in 2005 where she developed the award winning photographic series Set This House In Order. Breckon’s images have been published in Ampersand Magazine, Lucida Magazine and Fabrik Magazine in LA. She has won a number of awards, including most recently the 2014 Kimberley Photographic Award, 2013 American Aperture Awards for best still life series in the entered category and best inkjet print at the Centre For Contemporary Photography Salon in Melbourne.

Download the catalogue here and the roomsheet here.