Jacqueline Ball / A Collection of Organised Spaces – Part Three / August 15 – September 01 2012

Spatial relationships, form, materiality, light and colour are of central importance in my practice. I build my images in the studio on a range of different scales and I work with a variety of materials. Light is applied carefully to expose and conceal information, accentuate form, generate reflection and transform and manipulate the surfaces of everyday materials. Paint and liquid are utilised for similar purposes. Notions of theatre and filmic language are alluded to though concave compositional structures, lighting and the suggestion of potential action. Photography’s innate ability to be both illusive and evidential is utilised to create uncertainty. An interest in tactile engagement, sensory design and architecture drives my research and has greatly influenced my methodologies.

Like Thomas Demand or Callum Morton’s photographs, Ball’s images play with and against the artifice of architectural models. …they are of a place where truth is manufactured through built narratives and filmic corridors, these are places caught in the moment of potential and possibility. The allusion to and of filmic theatre is embraced and continued through the sumptuous use of lighting and monochromatic colour.
– Dr. Ric Spencer, Curator, Fremantle Arts Centre, WA, 2010

Ten of the photographs exhibited here were shown at the Art Gallery of Western Australia last year as part of a group exhibition of Western Australian artists titled Remix. Jacqueline was the youngest exhibiting artist and the gallery acquired six of her images to form part of their permanent collection.

Jacqueline recently moved to Melbourne from Perth to complete her Masters degree at RMIT University. She completed her Honours degree at Curtin University in 2009 and this exhibition will be her sixth solo exhibition to date. She has also partaken in numerous group exhibitions including a show that was part of the Pingyao International Photography Festival in China. In October and November 2011 she completed residencies in Reykjavik, Iceland and Varistaipale, Finland.

Download the room sheet here.