Imogen Hall / Nagasaki / June 06 – 23 2012

For Imogen, her photographic practice is an act of spiritual devotion, an almost religious pursuit. She emphasises the Tao, shamanism and Koori animism as influences on her spiritual belief system. These influences give depth and reveal philosophical intent behind the photographs in her latest series Nagasaki.

Imogen journeyed to Nagasaki in 2011 with the belief that: ‘historic events leave psychic marks.’ The resulting images of this body of work are her expression of an atomic past and the fracturing future held in a split second. For Imogen, Nagasaki represents the past, present and future in a single image. With its implications of cycles of destruction and creation Nagasaki refuses to separate time but also space: horizontal planes are photographed as verticals, lateral inversion defies and tricks our orientation.

In a recent conversation, Imogen provides insight to her work by quoting a famous Buddhist saying: ‘All the horror in the world is the foreground to a great wonder.’

Originally a painter, Imogen has recently turned to photography as her medium of choice. Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally. Her photographs also form part of the permanent collection at the National Gallery Victoria.

Download the catalogue or  room sheet here.