Heidi Romano / Frozen Water / September 11 – October 05 2013



I started Frozen Water two years ago – an idea inspired by the fast dwindling icebergs. I have no means to travel to the Arctic, so I made my own ice landscapes.

The more I worked on the project, the more it came down to my fascination with a single atom of water. An ice sheet, natural light, and a macro lens transformed my water into an abstract painting, full of form, texture and hues of colour. Something to explore, discover and dive into.

The tiniest shift of focus transforms these images completely. It is captivating to see an image transform from something mundane into an abstract, almost unrecognisable shape. It is this kind of abstraction that enables us to feel we have discovered, and are looking at the essence of Frozen Water.

The micro environments found in Frozen Water are an experiment in form finding. They are a challenge to the perceptions and expectations we have of water. There is a detailed, random beauty to the elements within these images. They create landscapes which can be viewed in a space between reality and imagination.

Heidi Romano is a curator and fine art photographer who currently lives in the goldfields, close to Melbounre, Australia. Photography is her playground: finding the perfect blurry photo, catching moments of stillness, creating landscapes with old books and capturing the strange or unknown in the familiar that is around her. Her work challenges the perceptions and expectations we have of our surroundings. She investigates the fleeting, delicate, transitional spaces where images become a mixture of reality and fantasy to convey a sense of stillness and isolation.Presented in an abstract, minimalist style, her photographs intend to create some ambiguity about the object pictured to encourage a more lasting visual response. She often works with micro-environments that can be found anywhere without anyone noticing them.

She is also the founder and curator of UYW (unless you will – an online photography journal), and editor of Ballarat International Foto Biennale new online magazine ‘BETA’. Heidi was appointed to the Ballarat International Foto Biennale Board in April 2012.

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Press / Media:
Feature Shoot, Striking Frozen Water ‘Landscapes’ by Heidi Romano, Jenna Garrett, September 26 2013