Heather Dinas / The Space Between / April 02 – May 03 2014


Dinas is discovering and creating an emotional vocabulary and image-repertoire that we need today. We go through life hardly knowing what it is – some distant fulfillment, some meeting of minds, some sense of the ultimate arrival and belonging. Yet we are creatures of the here and now: we are sensuous, immediate – we need to touch and hold, and see and feel directly. And the great task of art down the ages has been to discover how these two can meet – clutch the intangible, hold onto what is fleeting, give silence a voice.
– John Armstrong, Philosopher and Author

The Space Between navigates the shores of intimacy and traces the fragile lines of relationships. The narrative explores the tentative exchanges that shape our identity, memory and sense of belonging. The stark interior represents another time, another place, reflecting the culture of Heather’s matriarchal lineage. As a teenager, her mother’s perceptions of her coming of age era were sealed in a vacuum: floating, isolated, never changing. Using the camera as a mirror, she questions gender roles, rites of passage and intimate relationships. Whilst our personal history has the power to determine our sense of belonging and identity, Heather has come to see that these constructs are not fixed and can be redefined by our own inner compass.


Heather Dinas’ work has been widely exhibited and featured in many Australian and International collections. In 2011 Heather exhibited as a finalist in the Head On Portrait Prize and the Australian Centre of Photography. The Space Between was exhibited at ACP in 2012.

Download the roomsheet here.