Greg Neville / Burn / July 30 – August 23 2014

Burn Y_600

Photographing in the Flinders Street rail yards one day, I discovered behind a bush a discarded porn magazine. It had been burnt, in some tawdry private ritual, and later weathered by sun and rain.The lush photos of naked women were partially destroyed and their sordid brand of eroticism reduced to fragments. The layers of crumbling pages create a collage of bodies and textures. Peeling back the slivers of paper reveals a secret world of glances and gestures in strange apocalyptic images of ash, decay and flesh.

– Greg Neville

Greg Neville is a Melbourne-based photo media artist and teacher. He has exhibited, written, curated, blogged and broadcast on photography over many years. His art practice centres on explorations of entropy, decay and disorder, where he works across a range of photographic methods using found and appropriated imagery.

Greg has exhibited widely in Victoria and overseas. In 2012 he was awarded first prize from the Stockroom Gallery and a prize at the annual Kodak Salon at the Centre for Contemporary Photography. In 2009 he received a Master of Fine Art degree from Monash University.

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