Greg Blakey / Awake & Chosen / March 13 – April 06 2013

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“Many are called but few are chosen” -Matthew 22:14
Chosen explores the behaviours of mobile phone users in public environments. It observes how people sneak into quite places, brace them selves and slip into similar physical poses to enter their own world. Using my own behaviour as reference, I searched for others who interact with their devices in the same way. I aim to use the repetition of this series to create a level of comfort for the audience to reflect on their own tendencies and experiences.

“All media are extensions of some human faculty – psychic or physical” – Marshall Mcluhan
Awake documents the transitioning between two worlds; the tangible physical world and the hidden world of interaction with an object. Awake explores the moment these two worlds intersect. Like a re-birth, people are bewildered and confronted by the existence of reality around them when they disconnect from their mobile device.


Greg Blakey is a Melbourne based film maker and artist committed to creating stimulating, thoughtful contemporary cinema and art. Trained in Communication Design at RMIT (2004), Greg has since worked as a commercial designer and film maker for the past 8 years.

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This exhibition is proudly supported by Image Science.