Gary Heery / Undergrowth / June 27 – July 21 2012

A collaboration with Michelle Jank & Grandiflora

The pre-Raphaelite echoes of the images were not a conscious referencing. These photographs are a simple, modest attempt to reflect a contemporary sensibility, perhaps even a personal sensitivity. However, with their overtones of youth and beauty, innocence and nature, life and death, I also hope they inevitably touch on the bigger, scarier, eternal questions of the human experience.

I have been surrounded by beauty and beautiful women all my life. This series of highly detailed photographs is a reflection on the fragility of beauty in the natural world. Gary Heery, 2012

Gary Heery is a man accustomed to beauty and is constantly surrounded by it at home and in his work. Whilst comfortable in its presence he is never complacent. Instead Heery celebrates beauty and nature. His images whether of celebrities, animals or flowers, consistently reflect a masterful capturing of something unique, alluring and deeply beautiful. Gary Heery is the ultimate portraitist.

Heery is deservedly famous for his extraordinary large scale photographs of birds and animals, as well as his numerous celebrity portraits spanning the last 30 years. He has published several books including The Wayside Chapel Book; Zoo; Twins & two books on flowers for Grandiflora. His other series include Winged; and Horses.

The fine-art nudes presented in Undergrowth are a new departure for Heery. These exquisite and sensuous large-scale studio photographs are the culmination of a great photographer and a dynamic creative team, all of whom are considered at the pinnacle of their creative fields.

Sydney-born celebrity photographer Gary Heery founded the magazine Indian America in 1975 before opening studios in Hollywood and New York where he became a leading portrait specialist for record companies and movie studios as well as Life, Esquire and Rolling Stone magazines, shooting stars including Madonna, Andy Warhol, Paul Simon, Geoffrey Rush and Cate Blanchett. Back in Australia since 1989, Gary has expanded his portrait, fashion and advertising portfolio, while mounting exhibitions of his animal and floral photography, featured in his five award winning books. Gary has been selected for the American Photographer Annual and is a multiple finalist in the National Gallery Portrait Prize.

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