Emma Phillips / Eve of Destruction / March 13 – April 06 2013


Eve of Destruction is an attempt to distil and symbolise the sometimes-overwhelming anger women feel in a world which often asks them to conform to limiting and constraining gender roles. The domestic spaces depicted here signify the highly structured and manufactured confines women routinely find themselves captured within. They serve also to remind us of the spaces that women are traditionally and stereotypically associated, even in our so-called post-feminist times. With little room to move beyond the four walls she sees around her, ‘Eve’ has allowed her rage to find expression here. She is unseen, but we feel her presence and unmitigated anger which has taken up a flame thrower and torched the kitchen, the laundry, the bedroom and finally the nursery. She is Kali, she is Shiva and she is ecstatic. Her fire is powerful, unmatched and destructive, but just maybe, her fire is cleansing too.

Emma Phillips is a Melbourne based freelance photographer and photographic artist. Commissions have included work for Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, Triple J Magazine, Good Weekend & Sunday Life. Emma lectures at RMIT and has been a finalist in the National Portrait Prize, The Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Head On and the Olive Cotton Award.

Download the room sheet here.