Dust Landscapes / Kate Robertson

Kate Robertson, Dust#5FED99_web

These photographs record dust collected from ConFest; a festival held by an alternative healing and spiritual community in the arid landscape of southwest New South Wales. Throughout the festival, as participants move around the site, the dry land is unsettled and clouds of dust are created that linger listlessly above the ground. The wind stirs the dust particles across the ConFest site, clinging onto festival goers as they immerse themselves in community rituals and spontaneous happenings.

Extracted dust particles from the site are brought back into the studio and photographed through various processes to create unfamiliar topographical maps. The dust particles thus become artifacts of the ‘celestial experience’ of ConFest, mapping the disorientating, surrendering, transformative and energising qualities of the festival.

This work is part on an ongoing exploration into the influences of healing, spirituality and related phenomena in communities within natural environments.


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