Dianna Wells / On Edge / September 05 – 22 2012

The liminal zones of cities fascinate me. When driving out of Melbourne I’m always looking for ‘the edge’, the moment of transition from urban to country. I’m intrigued by the farmhouses in a state of disrepair, farm equipment lies rusting in paddocks marked by stone fencing and remnants of European trees, gardens dead and covered in lichen.

Large gum trees and indigenous grasses hug the sides of creeks—the last sign of remnant landscapes before European settlement.

All is change, with significant urban growth and development planned over the coming years. New housing estates loom on the horizon, billboards line the streets promising a new life, shopping and lifestyle.

Drawing inspiration from American photographers Dan Graham and Lewis Baltz, who photographed suburban tract housing developments and industrial parks in the 1960s and 70s; On Edge documents the tension point between the old pastoral and the new urban, the change to the environment and the telling detail on the ground. Shiny new cars, plastic markers, spray paint and synthetic grass—the signs of the future that is about to happen collide with the remnant landscapes of the past.

Dianna Wells is a Melbourne-based photographic artist, currently undertaking a Master of Fine Arts in photomedia at Monash Unversity, She also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Canberra School of Art majoring in printmaking.

Dianna has a long career in printmaking, design and photography; exhibitions include: Poster Art in Australia, National Gallery of Australia 1993, Backyards and Beyond, State Library of Victoria 1993, Kodak Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography 2005-2009, Colloquium, Monash University 2010/2011. Dianna was a semi-finalist in the Moran Contemporary Photography Prize 2012.

National Gallery of Australia
State Library of Victoria

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