Daniel Sponiar / Yes Chef ! / March 05-29 2014



Showcasing some of Melbourne’s most well known chefs, this photographic exhibition conceptualizes elements in their lives beyond the commercial kitchen. The aim is to present a fresh perspective that reveals who they are, what has led to their success, or what drives their creativity.Sustainability and conservation have become guiding philosophies for many of today’s top chefs. Whether it be sourcing only the freshest local produce, incorporating the latest technologies such as cold kitchen induction cooking or the use of eWater systems, a strong commitment to the preservation of our land and waterways is part of their identities.

Whether a playful side or a serious side is communicated, this body of work is a double take on some of your favorite and inspiring food professionals.

Download the roomsheet here.

Press / Media:
Yes Chef!, The Weekly Review, 06 March 2014
Susannah Guthrie, The New Daily, Top chefs like you’ve never seen them before, 19 February 2014



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