Daniel Bushaway / Still Places / February 05 – March 01 2014



Still Places is an observation of human scale within nature in stark contrast to the manicured vistas of city life.

This series represents my two-year journey into residential rural Victoria and explores a personal interplay with the landscape that surrounds the remote location of Moonee Creek Cooperative, Lima East. I take inspiration from communities that live harmoniously with nature and connected to the land – ‘off-the-grid’ so to speak.

Extensive visits to the location at different times throughout the year helped me craft a perfect memory of the land which I solidified on film. Colour and seasonal specificity play a significant role in capturing tangible atmospheric experiences such as sound, smell and weather. The sense of scale and perspective is distorted and only contextualised with the odd interjection of semi-permanent man made structures.

Creating this body of work has enabled me to undertake a journey into isolation, stillness and ultimately my rural utopian dreams.


Daniel Bushaway graduated from Camberwell College of the Arts in London after studying graphic design and photography. Relocating from London to Melbourne in 2005, he was immediately taken by the arid Australian landscape and has been exploring it ever since. He works primarily with large-format film cameras, shooting in natural light. He is fascinated by nature altered by industry, which he explores in highly complex, controlled and textural compositions.


Download the roomsheet here.