Beverley Southcott / Havens Sensibility and Durability / May 09 – June 01 2013

Havens Sensibility and Durability_600

‘Southcott is interested in the realm that exists in the ‘”in-between spaces” of our everyday lives, a realm that runs parallel to our lives and busyness and concern, a realm to which we’re granted access in short abrupt glimpses like temporary openings in a blank wall.’

– N. E. Hanratty

This series of images are mainly focussed around the essence of light either refracted or not, within domestic and public spaces. My ongoing research is of the notion of the sublime or ‘something else’ or ‘other’ within the everyday. That happenstance moment that can alter ones perception briefly or for longer as a sense of revitalisation to one’s being.

This concept was taken further by a random accidental moment of chance, when printing my photographs on the home printer in 2010; it malfunctioned and printed stripes over many works. Eventually the stripes ceased. It seemed serendipitous as I had taken recent photos of light: showing through architectural grid structures or; reflected on glossy surfaces in shopping malls or; through handmade paper cut outs of patterns and symbols that I designed and held over the camera lens.

Beverley Southcott is a mid career artist. Beverley has participated in exhibitions internationally, nationally that included photography, painting and installation. Southcott’s recent work has been selected and included for major Australian art awards and competitions.

Her theoretical on going research is primarily within relevant contemporary art theory, cultural and sociological studies that include these subject matters: the 19th century and the post modern sublime; the urban city environment; abstraction in contemporary photography; surveillance; consumerism; globalisation and post industrialism.

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