Beverley Southcott / Conduit Space / October 29 – November 22 2014

Conduit Space One_web


The Conduit Space photographic series represent the notion of reflective light within a muted space as the conduit between two people where one has died and the other one is still living. The light reflected on china objects collected over a life time by a person now belonging to the other. These are symbolic of a type of communication or love between the two. A reminder to the living of memories from the past. Perhaps used as a conduit by the recently deceased to invoke memories or thoughts for the living, as some sort of guide, whether true or imagined. In summary a meeting space of remembrance for both.

My ongoing research is primarily within relevant contemporary art theory, cultural and sociological studies that include these subject matters: the 19th century and the postmodern sublime; metaphysics and phenomenology and how these are abstractedly represented in the photographic image.


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