Bernadette Daly / Impermanence / May 07 – 31 2014


“To me photography is an art of observation, it’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place….I’ve found it has little to do with things you see & everything to do with the way you see them”

– Elliot Erwitt


I am interested in the beauty of imperfection and the aesthetics of transformation. For this body of work, my subject matter is the decomposing and weathered fishing boats, left to decay, whilst they undergo or await repair. Inherently interested in the surfaces and markings by both nature and man, I have documented the various stages of transformation of the boat’s exteriors as they are exposed to the forces of nature. Depicting objects that weather and decay, I look at dirt, rust, peeling paint, scratches to portray a trace and mark of time. This photographic series aims to inspire people to look for beauty in unexpected places.


Download the roomsheet here.