Annalisa Feleppa / Notions of Femininity / May 16-June 02 2012


Annalisa Feleppa’s exhibition Notions of Femininity spans 7 years of artistic practice. Her work explores the visual notions of femininity within the realities of domesticity, nostalgia, and pop culture. Through the uses of symbolism, and representational scenarios, Annalisa presents a unique world that speaks to the lineage of women and the ideas that surround them.

Each series within this body of work tackles ideas we have all grown up with and subconsciously respond to in our own personal ways; from becoming a woman in society, to the pressures of ‘keeping up with the Jones’.

“My interest in femininity is the focused perceptions we are conditioned to experience, and the ones we are distracted from.” Annalisa Feleppa 2011

Annalisa Feleppa has been a practicing contemporary photographic artist for the past eleven years. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the age of 20, Annalisa has managed her illness along with forging an art practice through formal training and self-exploration.

Her work has been exhibited widely in South Australia, the Queensland Centre for Photography and in Melbourne amongst a select group of South Australian artists chosen to exhibit at Carbon Black Gallery. Annalisa has been a recipient of a number of artist grants and awards.

Download the catalogue or  room sheet here.