Aliza Levi / Books on a White Background / Apr 10 – May 04


Much of Aliza Levi’s practice presents a relationship to land, consciousness and memory brought on by her South African and Australian citizenship. The thread of her work continues in this show in which she explores the Australian archive.

“I began this series by choosing books that reflected the assumptions and behaviour of the nineteenth century colonists, the persistent notations of self and other. I soon started to notice, that many of the titles were pertinent to today. A blurring of time and relevance, where views from a hundred years ago were intersecting with current attitudes and events.”

Aliza Levi exhibited widely to critical acclaim in her birth place South Africa. Having recently presented her work in the U.K, this is her first solo show in Melbourne.


Download the exhibition essay –
Textual Thresholds: The Uncomfortable Nature of Titles in Books on a White Background By Kate Warren

Download the room sheet here and the catalogue here.